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VHF/UHF Station

I give you here a short information about my activity on the VHF/UHF bands.

New place

70 MHz Posted on 19 Oct, 2014 22:16

Hi, I moved to the new place. Please visit me at

LA6Q in JP51

70 MHz Posted on 28 Sep, 2014 14:19

Lucky me again ! With this short distance to JO51 I did a QSO via Meteor Scater. This is a new square for me, no. 170, on 4m band.


Photos Posted on 10 Sep, 2014 19:39

My first picture of the Sun, taken 10. September 2014 19:00 local time. Sunspots AR2157 and AR2158.
Telescope Newton Sky-Watcher BKP15075EQ3-2 with filter Baader Planetarium ND 3.8 and camera CANON EOS 1000D.

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